Smith: Modern Chess Analysis

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Techniques that have revolutionized chess analysis.

Chess analysis is nearly as old as the game itself, with many of the pioneering works by the giants of chess history being devoted to the analysis of positions, openings and endings.
Personal computers and powerful chess software are having a profound effect on chess analysis and theory - most grandmasters use them extensively.
However, this book does far more than explain methods for computer-assisted analysis.

Readers will develop a deeper understanding of the strengths and limitations of the human mind, and a greater understanding of many areas of chess while working through the examples that Robin Smith presents.

The many topics in this wide-ranging book include:

  • Schematic thinking
  • Dynamic play vs quiet manoeuvring
  • Fortresses
  • King Hunts and 'King Drift'
  • The Problem of Exchanging
  • Interactive Analysis

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