Zhou: Fundamentals of Chess Openings

Zhou: Fundamentals of Chess Openings
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Openings may seem daunting, after all, with all the material out there on openings, what should... mehr
Produktinformationen "Zhou: Fundamentals of Chess Openings"

Openings may seem daunting, after all, with all the material out there on openings, what should you read or watch? Well, you can start with this DVD because I’ll teach you all about the basics which apply to practically every single opening! Have you ever wanted to learn openings without the hassle of memorizing variation after variation? Do you just want to understand why you make the moves you make?

Then this is the DVD for you! Starting out in chess is difficult, and this DVD aims to reduce that stress. Designed for beginner levels in openings, I hope to give a brief introduction to the reasons we play some of the most common moves in popular openings like the Spanish and Sicilian. Focusing exclusively on the two most popular first moves, 1. e4 and 1.d4 openings, this DVD can be used for both white and black. Aside from covering specific variations, I have also included the basic rules of openings we should all follow, such as controlling the center, developing towards the center, and much more!

• Video running time: 5 hours 50 minutes (English)
• Further Training chapter with repertoire feature

  1. Introduction
  2. Intro
  3. Intro to development
  4. Intro to center
  5. Why you don’t move the queen a million times
  6. Intro to king safety
  7. Don’t neglect development
  8. Why you should put development first
  9. Pawn or development
  10. Please develop!
  11. How do we get a strong center?
  12. Space with IQP (isolated queen pawn)
  13. Control of center and then attack on flank
  14. Another way of preventing castling
  15. Open Games
  16. Fried Liver Attack
  17. Italian Game
  18. Italian Game – Pianissimo
  19. Spanish Basics
  20. Spanish Basics 2
  21. Spanish - Chigorin with d5
  22. Spanish - Breyer
  23. Spanish - 5.d3 - Intro
  24. Spanish - Berlin Defence
  25. Spanish - 5.d3
  26. Spanish - 5.d3 d6
  27. Spanish - 5.d3 b5
  28. Semi-Open Games
  29. Caro-Kann 1
  30. Caro-Kann 2
  31. French
  32. French exchange variation
  33. French advance variation
  34. Sicilian
  35. Introduction
  36. Dragon - Intro
  37. Dragon
  38. Dragon - 9.Bc4
  39. Dragon - 9.0-0-0
  40. Dragon - 9.0-0-0 d5 10.Qe1
  41. Dragon - 9.0-0-0 d5 10.exd5
  42. Sveshnikov
  43. Closed and Semi-Closed Games
  44. Introduction
  45. Queen's Gambit Declined 1
  46. Queen's Gambit Declined 2
  47. Queen's Gambit Declined 3
  48. Semi-Slav
  49. Nimzo-Indian Defence 1
  50. Nimzo-Indian Defence 2
  51. Nimzo-Indian Defence 3
  52. Nimzo-Indian Defence 4
  53. Queen's Indian Defence
  54. Conclusion
  55. Conclusion 1
  56. Conclusion 2
  57. Conclusion 3

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