Salgado Lopez: Gambit Killer

Salgado Lopez: Gambit Killer
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Iván Salgado López was born in Spain in 1991 and learned to play chess at the age of seven... mehr
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Iván Salgado López was born in Spain in 1991 and learned to play chess at the age of seven thanks to his brother Oscar and became a grandmaster at the age of 16. Amongst the best results in his chess career Ivan has twice been Spanish Champion and has won many international tournaments. He was the second of ex-World Champions Topalov and Ponomariov amongst other strong grandmasters. He adores chess but has many other interests as weIl. Currently he is studying as a "sports trainer" and in "sports management" at the National Sport Academy in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Your opponent plays a gambit against you. How dare they!? But how can you punish them? Spanish Grandmaster Salgado has taken a close look at a wide variety of 'Gambit Lines'. Many gambit lines, where one or more pawns are sacrificed for the initiative, have to be taken seriously, but Ivan has succeeded in finding many new ideas and theoretical improvements. The result is the neutralization or refutation of most of these common and weIl known 'Gambits'.

This book is simply a must for anyone who wants to be fully prepared to engage in battle against a 'Gambit Player'. If you are a gambit player yourself, you need to read this to prepare yourself for new challenges to your systems.

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