Müller: Bobby Fischer 60 best Games

Müller: Bobby Fischer 60 best Games
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There is probably no other player who has changed the chess world in so many areas and so... mehr
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There is probably no other player who has changed the chess world in so many areas and so radically – like Robert James Fischer, for whom the name Bobby Fischer has become common among chess players worldwide.
Of his spectacular successes, his downright declassifying victories against three Soviet grandmasters in the early 1970s are particularly noteworthy – a kind of changing of the guard in the fight for the world title, to which the Soviets had subscribed, so to speak, for more than two decades. This triggered a worldwide chess boom, or more precisely: it triggered a chess boom especially in the western world, because in the Soviet Union with millions of club players such a boom was apparently hardly necessary.
Many players of all levels were drawn to the royal game specifically because of the events of that time. Fischer's games are legendary, and since they have of course already been extensively analyzed and commented on in a number of works, the question arises: What is another book supposed to achieve anyway?
German grandmaster Karsten Müller has selected what he considers to be
Fischer's 60 most instructive games and checked them with various newer engines. Although he noticed numerous errors in the old analyses, Bobby's games still shine in their former glory or even brighter. Since even top programs rarely find errors, every reader can learn more than ever from these games in order to improve their own playing strength in a success-oriented manner.
In addition to the numerous photos, it's above all the quotations contained in many games that take the reader back to the 'old days of chess'. Therefore, even younger players can get a good impression of what the chess world was like when, for example, there were still 'adjourned games' and 'sealed moves' – and when no player could dodge the hard analysis work by simply delegating this tedious task to his computer.


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