Giri: After Magnus

Giri: After Magnus
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Giri: After Magnus   Who can dethrone the World Chess Champion?   Twenty... mehr
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Giri: After Magnus


Who can dethrone the World Chess Champion?


Twenty more years?


Magnus Carlsen has said that he may stay at the top for another 20 years. And who can argue with the World Champion? Hes been dominating top-level chess with an iron fist and has rightly highlighted the lack of consistency from his potential rivals.


When Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen burst onto the chess scene, there was no doubt whatsoever about their future destiny: sooner or later they were going to become World Champion. How different is the situation today, when there seems to be no such player.


New In Chess contributing editor Anish Giri presents ten chess players that may challenge Carlsens hegemony in the years ahead. Or may not. Giri not only shares his insiders knowledge about his colleagues in his lucid and witty notes to their games, he also provides the reader with valuable lessons in all phases of the game.


Anish Giri (1994) became a Grandmaster at the age of 14.


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