Dunnington: Starting out: Defensive Play

Dunnington: Starting out: Defensive Play
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Dunnington: Starting out: Defensive Play   How do you react in the line of fire? Are... mehr
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Dunnington: Starting out: Defensive Play


How do you react in the line of fire? Are you able to remain calm in a storm? Defending against a threatening attack on your own king is one of the most difficult aspects to master in chess. Yet given the frequency of such offensives, its certainly worthwhile investing a good amount of time on honing the ability to defend properly.


In this valuable and entertaining book, Angus Dunnington arms the reader with all the necessary skills to be able to cope with vicious assaults on his or her king. Using illustrative games, Dunnington investigates in depth defensive ideas such as blockading, giving up material and the timely launch of counterattacks. Read this book and defend with confidence!


As is commonplace with the renowned Starting Out series, there are an abundance of notes, tips and warnings throughout the book to help the improving player. Starting Out: Defensive Play is perfect for those who have previously honed their chess skills with the earlier books Starting Out in Chess and Tips for Young Players.

    • Includes all aspects of defensive play


    •  Sharpens tactical and combinative awareness


    • Ideal for the improving player

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