King: Test your Chess with Daniel King

King: Test your Chess with Daniel King
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King: Test your Chess with Daniel King




Assess your chess strength with this test-yourself guide. In this instructive and entertaining book, based on the authors Chess Monthly column, Grandmaster Daniel King invites you to sit alongside the leading players in the world and predict their moves. Points are awarded – or deducted – depending on how successful you are. By testing yourself over several games you can gauge your chess rating. In addition, by examining the strategies and ideas of the worlds best players, you will have the opportunity to improve your own game.

Test Your Chess is a valuable aid to self-improvement: each game has an introduction, profiling the winner and their playing style, so that this book also provides a colourful portrayal of the current chess elite.


About the Author


Grandmaster Daniel King has been a professional chess player for over 20 years. During that time he has represented his country on many occasions including their historic victory over the Soviet Union in Reykjavik 1990. Besides his chess-playing career, Daniel has built up a reputation as a commentator on television and radio. He has reported on four World Championship matches, for the BBC, Channel 4, ESPN and Eurosport. He has also covered several Man v Machine events, including the controversial Kasparov v. Deep Blue encounter in New York 1997. He is an award-winning author of 15 books, including Winning with the Najdorf, Mastering the Spanish and Kasparov v. Deep Blue for Batsford. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages. Daniel King lives in Teddington, Middlesex.

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