Lowinger: Opening Originals

Lowinger: Opening Originals
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Lowinger: Opening Originals   Original Opening Ideas: Sound – and Dangerous!... mehr
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Lowinger: Opening Originals


Original Opening Ideas: Sound – and Dangerous!


Opening Originals focuses on both sound and dangerous opening ideas that have escaped wide notice.


In some cases, they are artifacts of the past, too soon discarded and without good reason; in others, they are home-cooking, and may anticipate the future of theoretical developments.


In all cases, the author’s explanations are concept-based, and little memorization is required.


American master Dan Lowinger is an active player, coach and teacher. He is the author of the highly acclaimed The 3...Qd8 Scandinavian.


From the Foreword by Danish Grandmaster Lars Bo Hansen:
“Daniel Lowinger offers his readers a select menu of opening ideas from which you can pick and choose. Whether you are looking for new ideas to add to your repertoire in 1.e4, 1.d4 or 1.c4 openings; for White or for Black; sharp or quiet lines – this book has something for you! [He looks] into lines that are not the most common, backing his ideas with thorough research and independent analysis.”


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