Solozhenkin: The Spanish Main Road

Solozhenkin: The Spanish Main Road
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Solozhenkin: The Spanish Main Road The St. Petersburg grandmaster and coach Solozhenkin... mehr
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Solozhenkin: The Spanish Main Road

The St. Petersburg grandmaster and coach Solozhenkin reveals the secrets of one of the most complex system of the Ruy Lopez - the Zaitsev Variation. It offers an optimal balance between safety and possibilities of imposing tangled fight. Mastering the Zaitsev Variation will improve the readers understanding of chess in general since he would need good orientation in double-edged middlegames, but also fair endgame play. The book offers a complete Black repertoire, starting from 3...a6, and going up to the super-trendy Svidler Variation. On the basis of his vast experience of playing and teaching the Zaitsev system, Solozhenkin draws the conclusion that it is a reliable weapon for Black.
Evgeniy Solozhenkin is an international grandmaster, champion of Leningrad and St. Petersburg, a winner of the team championships of Russia, France, Finland and many international tournaments.He is the director of the Russian North-western districts grandmaster school, and he is a Russian Chess Federation coach.

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