Aagaard & Ntirlis: Playing the French

Aagaard & Ntirlis: Playing the French
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Aagaard & Ntirlis: Playing the French   The French Defence is one of the most solid... mehr
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Aagaard & Ntirlis: Playing the French


The French Defence is one of the most solid and strategically rich responses to 1.e4. Many opening lines have been analysed to death by computer, but the French is relatively resistant to this growing trend, as the characteristic blocked pawn centre leads to situations where a player with superior understanding can overcome an opponent whose expertise lies in computer-assisted preparation.


Acclaimed authors Ntirlis and Aagaard present a complete repertoire for Black based on 3.Nc3 Nf6 and 3.Nd2 c5. With many new discoveries and detailed explanations of positional and strategic motifs, this book is essential reading for those playing this complex opening with either colour.


Nikolaos Ntirlis is a computer specialist and supplier of opening ideas for many grandmasters.


GM Jacob Aagaard is the only chess author to have won all the major Book of the Year awards.


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