Yrjölä: The Queen´s Indian

Yrjölä: The Queen´s Indian
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Yrjölä/Tella: The Queen´s Indian This book provides detailed coverage and strategic... mehr
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Yrjölä/Tella: The Queen´s Indian

This book provides detailed coverage and strategic explanation of all lines of the Queens Indian, with particular focus on the most critical and topical variations. The Queens Indian is one of the most important modern chess openings. It was one of the key battlegrounds of the Kasparov vs. Karpov world championship matches. It is renowned for its resilience, but is nevertheless a good choice for those seeking to win with either colour. Both White and Black have plenty of ways to complicate, and there are few lines where either side is forced to exchange pieces off into a dull endgame. The Queens Indian is the companion opening of the Nimzo-Indian, and was also a brainchild of the great chess thinker Aron Nimzowitsch. Black establishes his light-squared bishop on the long diagonal, and if White is not careful, this can form the basis of a devastating attack. In the critical lines, White contests this diagonal, either by trying to block it with a pawn advance, or by opposing Blacks bishop with a fianchetto of his own.

Jouni Yrjölä is a grandmaster from Finland. He has won the Finnish Championship twice, and regards Sochi 1984, where he shared third place with the legendary Mikhail Tal, as his best tournament result. He was awarded his grandmaster title in 1990. Jussi Tella is also from Finland. He is an international master and an experienced chess trainer. They also wrote the Gambit book An Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire for Black.

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