Kalinichenko: Chess Openings for Juniors

Kalinichenko: Chess Openings for Juniors
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The vast majority of opening guides are written for adult readers. This book is also devoted... mehr
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The vast majority of opening guides are written for adult readers. This book is also devoted to the theory of the openlng, but it is aimed at juniors. The structure of the book is simple and attractive: openings are examined uslng examples from actual games, each of which is presented in the form of a lesson with its own name. Several such lessons form an opening theme, and the examination of each theme concludes with exercises.
In each openlng, attention is drawn to its characteristic tactical and strategic ideas, and the selection of combinations for independent solution strictly corresponds to the opening theme. Written in clear and easy language, the book is furnished with a large number of diagrams. Coloured explanatory arrows on the diagrams and the selection of individual pages with a coloured background make the book easier to understand.

Regular work with this book will simultaneously solve two problems: deepen the student's knowledge and develop his tactical vision, thus improving his skill and results.

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