Khodarkovsky: The Grünfeld Defence Revealed

Khodarkovsky: The Grünfeld Defence Revealed
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Introducing a new series of innovative chess guides: each one presents in detail the key ideas... mehr
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Introducing a new series of innovative chess guides: each one presents in detail the key ideas of an important chess opening in a fresh, entertaining, and accessible way. The manuals reveal the current thinking of the world's elite players, giving novices a glimpse of how the champions achieve success. This first entry covers the Gruenfeld Defense, a favorite of the legendary Garry Kasparov. His good friend and confidant, International Master Michael Khodarkovsky, lets us into the secrets of Kasparov's preparation, explains the most important elements of the Gruenfeld, and provides an up-do-date survey of the critical lights. A "First Moves" section goes through all the basic opening moves; "Heroes & Zeroes" takes a look at the best and worst performances with this opening; and "What's Hot" pinpoints the very latest ideas from the world's elite. A detailed table summarizes the main variations, with assessments.

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