Konikowski & Bekemann: The Reti-Opening - Properly Played

Konikowski & Bekemann: The Reti-Opening - Properly Played
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The 'Réti Opening' 1. ¤ g1-f3 d7-d5 2.c2-c4 is quiet and solid and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Konikowski & Bekemann: The Reti-Opening - Properly Played"

The 'Réti Opening' 1.¤g1-f3 d7-d5 2.c2-c4 is quiet and solid and usually leads to the middle game without greater tactical complications. Therefore, the arising positions require more positional understanding than tactical skills.

The book is primarily intended for amateurs looking for an opening with the following advantages.

1. Easy to learn because the readers can orient themselves on key ideas and general set-up plans – i.e. without the need to memorize vast amounts of 'theory'.

2. However, they can still focus on certain continuations and increase their specific knowledge.

3. The opening should enable them to master the passage from the opening to the middle game with mainly solid positional play – i.e. without the risk of running into sharp tactical surprises.

4. It should offer much room for research and experimentation.

In addition to the theoretical explanations, the readers find many games from tournament practice to show the 'Réti Opening' in action. By studying these games, they can not only enrich their knowledge with many typical and subtle motifs and ideas – but also become familiar with what one might call the 'natural development' in the different lines and set-ups.
However, the authors have made sure that the selected games, apart from the required work, are also enjoyable and entertaining.


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