Gallagher: Play the King´s Indian

Gallagher: Play the King´s Indian
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Gallagher: Play the King´s Indian A complete Repertoire for Black in this most... mehr
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Gallagher: Play the King´s Indian

A complete Repertoire for Black in this most dynamic of openings

The Kings Indian has always been one of the sharpest, most complex and popular openings that Black can play; it still provides the setting for many encounters at the elite level of Grandmaster chess. Straight from the start, Black fights for the initiative and in many variations, while White pursues material gains, it is Black who has the psychological advantage of trying to checkmate the opponents king.
Despite its many advantages, some prospective Kings Indian players are put off by the seemingly endless amount of theory one is supposed to learn. In Play the Kings Indian, however, Grandmaster and life-long Kings Indian devotee Joe Gallagher has produced a comprehensive and yet workable black repertoire against all of Whites most dangerous possibilities.

  • Written by a renowned Kings Indian expert

  • Includes up-to-date theory on a fascinating opening

  • Covers all of Whites replies

208 Seiten, kartoniert, Verlag Everyman 2004

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