Kotronias/Tzermiadianos: Beating the Petroff

Kotronias/Tzermiadianos: Beating the Petroff
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Kotronias/Tzermiadianos: Beating the Petroff




The choice of World Champions, used by Karpov and Anand, the Petroff is one of the most solid and popular defences to 1.e4. This is a repertoire chess book providing an attacking arsenal for White players faced with this challenging defence, including sections on both Ideas and Manoeuvres and Illustrative Games.

Contains many new ideas and theoretical innovations from the author’s private library, developed extensively in the past two years, together with a wealth of notable and fully annotated games from the International competitions.

The authors treat all lines in a scientific manner, including sidelines. White will thus be able to meet convincingly surprise lines as well as the topical main lines by using the analysis included, and at the same time understand and solve transpositional problems.


About the Author


Vassilios Kotronias has been the best Greek chess player for the past two decades, and the first Greek to obtain the Grand Master title in 1990. He has represented Greece and Cyprus in many Olympiads and other team events. His dynamic style of play and good theoretical preparation have helped him maintain a high position in the world rankings whilst he has also acted as a coach of players like Short, Topalov and Shirov on various occasions. His previous books for Batsford are Beating the Caro-Kan (0713474157) and Beating the Flank Openings (0713477814).

Andreas Tzermiadianos is an experienced Greek International Master and professional coach. He has been combining these qualities successfully for several years. He is a dedicated theoretician of the game and a dangerous practical player who already has three Grand Master norms. This is his first book. Both authors live in Athens.


224 Seiten, kartoniert, Verlag Batsford 2004

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