Flear: The ...a6 Slav

Flear: The ...a6 Slav
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Flear: The ...a6 Slav The ...a6 Slav is a relatively new phenomenon in a very popular... mehr
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Flear: The ...a6 Slav

The ...a6 Slav is a relatively new phenomenon in a very popular opening, and over the last few years it has attracted the attention of some top class players: Alexei Shirov, Sergei Movsesian, Englands Julian Hodgson and, more recently, world number one Garry Kasparov. In this first ever book solely devoted to the ...a6 Slav, Grandmaster and openings expert Glenn Flear delves into the secrets of this complex line. He explains the tactics and positional ideas for both White and Black and presents a comprehensive coverage of the theory, concentrating on all the new wrinkles and discoveries.

  • Written by a prominent openings theoretician

  • All major lines are covered

  • Ideal for club and tournament players

144 Seiten, kartoniert, Verlag Everyman, 2003

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