Henebry: Chess Words of Wisdom

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Henebry: Chess Words of Wisdom


Do you truly want to understand chess?

Chess Words of Wisdom is made up of the crucial information mined from over 400 chess books (plus hundreds of magazine articles, videos, DVDs, websites and various other sources) all condensed into this remarkably complete, and one-of-a-kind, chess book.

Chess Words of Wisdom quotes, paraphrases and summarizes the teaching of hundreds of experts, masters, IMs, GMs and even a few scientists, scholars and generals.Essentially, all of the wisdom from these important sources is in this one book!

Chess Words of Wisdom is a digest of hundreds of years of chess knowledge from the greatest chess minds in history. This is must-know information for the well-schooled chess player of all levels (from beginner to master).

Chess Words of Wisdom is unique in that it is all text. There are no diagrams or analysis  at all in the book.There is not one single game in the entire book! Instead, the book is jam-packed with essential knowledge...in plain English.

If you want to learn, if you want to thoroughly understand chess, Chess Words of Wisdom is for you. Chess Words of Wisdom is about "understanding" chess.

There are no frills, cartoons, or nonsense of any kind in it...just intense, cover-to-cover, concentrated chess information in the form of verbal explanation.

This is an ideal textbook for chess teachers, coaches, trainers and all serious students of the game. It is for players of all strengths who are enthusiastic about understanding and mastering the game of chess.


You will learn
the principles of the opening, middlegame and endgame
· how to evaluate pawn structures
· how to find weaknesses and exploit them
· how to attack, defend and plan
· about weak squares, critical moments, mobility, intuition, activity, coordination, tension, maneuvering, style, analysis, and color complexes
· how to study, practice and train
· how to prepare for and compete tournaments
· the psychological aspects of chess
· the ideas behind dynamics, tactics, sacrifices, strategy and positional play
· the causes of time-trouble and blunders
· how to calculate, win  a won game, and to use technique
· tips for playing blitz and learning from computers
· the essential ideas, tips, practical advice, and  golden rules of chess
· and much more!


Mike Henebry has been a chess organizer and a USCF tournament director for over 35 years. He is a former Expert and is a long time student of the Royal Game- spending many years researching the chess masters and their words of wisdom.

Chess has been a passion of his for his entire adult life. He wrote this book to fill what he believed was a significant void in the literature of this extraordinary game.


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