Aagaard: Basic Positional Ideas

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Jacob Aagaard: Basic Positional Ideas

Positional chess in the basic on which success is founded. Of course material can be won and also points achieved by tactical measures, but first you have to bring the relevant positions up on your board. Jacob Aagaard teaches in six lectures important principles of positional play. Weak squares, good and bad pieces, prophylaxis and pawn weaknesses are concepts which should belong in the toolbox of every chess player. The lectures are followed by 50 exercises, in which you can always look for the solution yourself. In total, there are more than four hours of high class video training on this DVD.

Intro: 1:42 (Basic positional ideas) Lesson 1: 36:57 (Weaknesses 1) Lesson 2: 15:15 (Weaknesses 2) Lesson 3: 25:13 (Piece play 1) Lesson 4: 17:01 (Piece play 2) Lesson 5: 24:39 (Piece Play 3) Lesson 6: 27:17 Prophylactic thinking) and exercises

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